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Artist Opening: Petal Power – The Art of Louise Chen

Join us on Friday June 4th we are excited to offer the work of Louise Chen.  Petal Power, Louise Chen’s newest installation of drawings and paintings, evokes rejuvenation, renewal, and refurbishment. From a pile of compost – discarded materials; an apple core, coffee grounds, last night’s pasta – flowers erupt and insist a beautiful contrast between light and dark, between life and death. The ability for nature to renew itself is amazing. Chen’s drawings apply the same attitude towards life and human interactions; transformations, from jealousy to admiration, from break up to break through, from violence to embrace, and our ability to get up tumultuous and steep hills with our own “petal power”.

Petal Power:  The Art of Louise Chen
June 1st-30th
Artists Reception Friday, June 4th, 5-8pm
SubRosa, 703 Pacific at Spruce St

Louise Chen is a Los Angeles based artist currently living in Santa Cruz. Her work has been featured in galleries across the United States, including Giant Robot galleries in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Her artwork is inspired by botanical and scientific drawings, vintage floral patterns, antiques, the universe, animals, and the people and artists that move around her. Her work plays with positive and personal reflections as well as universalities, sometimes conveying adult hardships through childish fantasies.


Statement RE Jimi Haynes

Jimi Haynes has never staffed nor volunteered at SubRosa.  No one in the SubRosa collective recognizes seeing Mr. Haynes in or around the community space.

We note that at first Mr. Haynes volunteered to the police that he saw a flier on SubRosa’s public bulletin board.  Now Mr. Haynes claims he worked at SubRosa for a year.  To be clear, SubRosa has no connection whatsoever to Mr. Haynes.

SubRosa was not involved in the events of May Day.  SubRosa is a community space that offers literature, art, and performance.  Like many businesses downtown, SubRosa provides a public bulletin board for people to post fliers.

Rita Hayworth and SubRosa Scavenger List

I read Stephen King’s novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption when I was in high school.  Here’s how it opens:

There’s a guy like me in every state and federal prision in America, I guess – I’m the guy who can get it for you. Tailor-made cigarettes, a bag of reefer, if you’re partial to that, a bottle of brandy to celebrate your son or daughter’s high school graduation, or almost anything else… within reason, that is.

I was immediately taken with that.  I thought about it for years.  I wanted to be that guy.  Not end up in prison, of course, but the guy who could get stuff, get anything, through barter or trade or scavenging.

And so far, we’ve done pretty good here.  SubRosa Community Space was almost totally put together in 2008 from scavenged, donated, borrowed, and traded materials.  It was fun going to the dump to drop off a truck load of construction debris and coming back with an equal volume of useful stuff!

Anyway, here’s SubRosa’s current scavenging list, the stuff that we need around here:

x  redwood 2x6s for decks, tables, and benches
x  redwood 1×10 for book shelves
x  spoons!
x  coffee mugs
x  set of small glasses for wine at art shows
x  hand and power tools for the space
x  old skool rag mop
x  track lights (non-halogen)
x  metal folding chairs
x  electrical conduit
x  6 or 7 foot sturdy ladder
x  toilet paper, sugar, or soy milk

We were thinking of having a scavenger hunt for these things.  How would that work?  Intersting idea.

In the meantime, please keep your eyes peeled.  You are welcome to drop stuff off anytime.  Just ask staff where to put stuff.

Hey, Friends.

It’s spring!  Sunshine!  Clear skies.  Here at SubRosa folks are emerging from their winter cocoon, and there’s a bustle of activities around the space.  People feels active and smiley and social.

This brings to mind two synchronous possibilities:  1) You may be doing a little spring cleaning, and 2) SubRosa staff will be putting some extra love into the space in a series of spring workdays.  Perhaps we can provide a little mutual support.

Here is our scavenge list, things we find we are needing around the space.

  • Redwood 2x6s to repair and complete the decks
  • Redwood 1x10s to make more book shelves
  • Metal chairs, particularly folding chairs (but not the ones with pads that will get soggy in the rain) for outside
  • Track Lights, standard non-halogen style, for inside
  • Aluminum electrical conduit (EMT) to redo some wiring in the yard
  • A deadbolt lock for a door keyed on both sides
  • Old skool rag mop
  • Tools for the space so we won’t have to always borrow people’s personal tools
  • Big chunks of broken concrete
  • Cash money to buy stuff we can’t scavenge

Can you look in your garage or backlot or squat to see if you might have a few things on this list?


Wes & David
SubRosa Staffers

Doodá Desert Rock Power Plant Film and Speaker

Resistance to energy development on indigenous land

Monday March 22nd
7pm, $5-10 donation

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave
downtown Santa Cruz

As part of a California-wide March tour, Elouise Brown will be speaking and showing films at the Subrosa Cafe in downtown Santa Cruz on the evening of Monday, March 22nd.

Elouise Brown is a Diné (Navajo) traditionalist and president of the Doodá Desert Rock committee. She will speak about dangers posed by the coal industry, the exploitation of indigenous land by energy companies, and the ongoing struggle to prevent the Desert Rock plant from ever existing.

Several short films will be screened:
Making a Stand at Desert Rock- by Klee Benally (8:00)
Killing Coal: Four Corners in the Crosshairs (7:10)
Our Native Roots – Inside the Dooda Desert Rock Camp

Since December of 2006, the community of Chaco Rio in the Navajo Nation (SW of Farmington, New Mexico) has been blockading entry to the site of a proposed 1,500 megawatt coal fired power plant. Desert Rock would be the third coal plant within a 20-mile radius in a region already suffering from extreme levels of toxic emissions.

Other Santa Cruz/Watsonville area presentations:
Elouise will also be doing a 12:00 noon presentation at Cabrillo College on Tuesday the 23rd, and a 7:00pm presentation at the Brown Berets office in downtown Watsonville, also on the 23rd.

For more information and tour details, visit:
For booking inquiries: scsolidarity [at]

“We believe economic development must not come at the expense of the health of our children, the air we breathe, our sacred land and water, and our way of life. As children of Mother Earth and Father Sky, we are honored and obligated to protect and preserve the natural state of Harmony and Beauty.”
– Elouise Brown

“As long as I’m alive this power plant is not going to happen.”
-Elouise Brown

SubRosa Speaking Event

During a speaking event at SubRosa featuring Greek and Barcelona Anarchists, and Peter Gelderloos, author of How Nonviolence Protects the State

Squatting Movement in Barcelona, Thurs. Mar. 11, 5-7pm

A presentation by Peter G., anarchist living in Spain and author of How Nonviolence Protects the State

The squatting movement as part of an anarchist struggle in Barcelona: an analysis of how the Barcelona squatting movement furthers the local anarchist struggle and how it hinders it.
A Presentation on Squatting Movement
in Barcelona by Peter G.
Thursday March 11th
5-7pm, donation at door
SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.

**With a possible additional presentation by anarchist from Greece, on the book We Are An Image from the Future: the Greek Revolts of December 2008

SubRosa Weekly Open Mic immediately follows.