Public Computers

Please Read This…

For security reasons, a number of features on these computers have been disabled and all internet traffic is routed through a secure network.

Please note, however, that public computers are intrinsically insecure.  It is highly recommended for your and our safety that you do not use these computers to discuss sensitive information of any nature.

Treat these machines as if they were routed directly through the FBI… because, of course, that possibility exists.

By relaying your Internet traffic through the TOR network your communications are less traceable back to this computer, but not encrypted or in any other way hidden.

For more secure communication, we recommend end-to-end encryption to hide the meaning of your data to everyone except the recipient.

For more information about TOR and end-to-end encryption click here.

Thanks to the Computer Kitchen who provided these computers to SubRosa.   For technical support regarding these computers, email