April at SubRosa!

It’s Spring! Yay!  Spring brings a lot of things to Santa Cruz: flowers, allergies, sunshine, warm days, tourists…

Sunny skies mean more SubRosa Work Days! We’ve got bookshelves to finish, decks to build and tons of general improvement projects to do. You can help! There is a list of things we need in a post below. Maybe you can help us find some of them.

We have been really excited about the vast amounts of events that have been happening around here. We had Peter Gederloos speak about the Spanish Squatting Movement in Barcelona; Elouise Brown talked about her struggle to stop the construction of a coal burning power plant in the Four Corners region of Arizona;  plus we’ve had lots of great shows like the return of the Hail Seizures, who played our grand opening back in November 2007.

Maybe you have an event you’d like to plan. We can make that happen. The EVENTS page of our website has new, updated information with nearly everything you need to know about having an event at SubRosa.

Now is a great time to peruse our selection of books and zines for sale. The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair happened in March, and we brought back tons of exciting books, so come check them out.

We also now have a Zine Exchange box, hanging out over by the A-Library. The idea here is that people can share zines that they’ve made or are important to them by leaving them in the box so that new people can pick them up. Check it out!

Remember, we stay open because people like you give us small or large amounts of money. To help keep us open, donate here!


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