Upcoming Art Show: Russell Brutsche

Wigwams by Russell Brutsche
Wigwams by Russell Brutsche

In November, we welcome the acrylic on canvas work of Russell Brutsche to SubRosa’s walls.   Santa Cruz artist Russell Brutsche loves socio-cultural ironies.  Works such as those in his recent show “Unlawful Gatherings” make painfully apt juxtapositions that expose the social injustice of our everyday world.

One of his images shows Jesus of Nazareth chasing away very contemporary money changers from the temple, only to be descended upon by a heavily armed SWAT team. Another shows the Nativity taking place in what might be considered a modern-day manger, under the Highway 1 overpass at the San Lorenzo River.  Other paintings prominently feature images of treesits, hobo campfires, and trains.

Brutsche has been painting since early childhood, later studying under Eric Oback, Robert Freimark (student of Henri Matisse) and Sam Richardson, graduating with scholarship honors in 1968.  He has been in numerous one-person and group shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Colorado, Arizona and Japan.  Brutsche currently participates each October in Santa Cruz Open Studios, and other shows throughout the year.

“I’ve been impatient with the art world,” said Brutsche. “Artists really have a responsibility to speak out against social injustice. Instead, artists have become small businessmen. I know if I would leave out some of that social commentary, the likelihood would be a lot greater that my work would be hanging over someone’s couch.”

The Art of Russell Brutsche
Opening Reception
Friday November 6th 5pm
SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz


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