June’s Featured Artist: Deena Brabant


On Friday, June 5, at 5pm, SubRosa will proudly welcome the art of Deena Brabant to our walls. Deena’s paintings capture subtle moments in time, bringing attention to the challenges of existence in a world of constantly shifting terrain. According to Deena, her portraits “are orientation markers, a way of capturing a moment between where one has been and where one is going.”

Deena describes herself as “fixated on the human form and face, in life and in art: its structure, psyche and hidden secrets. All of this I envision devoid of environment, as if all my subjects could exist in any given space and time. In a material world, I find that what I cling to most when in search of sincerity are the fleeting emotions of myself and others. My figures are snapshots of these transient emotions, a look to remember when the feeling is gone.” Deena’s art will be on display at SubRosa for the month of June. The Artist’s Reception will start at 5pm on Friday, June 5.

Artist’s Reception with Deena Brabant

5pm, Friday, June 5

SubRosa: A Community Space

703 North Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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